How it works

Start the Order

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Photograph your

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1. Start the Order 


Download our Excel order file here. In the file, insert the photos of similar products that you liked, or take photos of your product in the angles that you would like us to take the pictures in. If you would like a total quote for the order first, please indicate that. We will reach out in a few days and send you a reference number.


2. Ship your products to us


Pack up your products and ship them to our studio. It’s a good idea to try and select the best products if you can, trying to avoid dings, dents, and scratches. Of course, pack each item securely so they don’t get damaged in transit. Enclose your reference number inside the box so we can let you know when your products arrive.


3. Photograph your products


When your products arrive in our studio, we’ll contact you to let you know. Now that we have your products on-hand, we will go over the details of your order and discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have before we start. Once payment is processed the fun begins and we’ll start shooting your photos!


4. Pick your images


Unlike other photographers, we will shoot lots of images for one photograph requested so that you can choose the best one you’d like. Once you choose the final images, they will be edited to remove any imperfections and sent over to you.